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Pest Identification

Can't Identify the Problem? Whether its bed bugs (bedbugs), rats, mice, roaches, ants, termites, or another pest, Magic Exterminating can help you determine any pest infestation problems.

Identify Your Pest

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Birds and Wildlife

Magic begins every wildlife removal job with a thorough inspection of the property, as the initial visit is the most important. During the inspection, we will determine what nuisance animals are causing the problem, and how the animals are entering the structure.

Every building is unique and problems do vary. Magic will perform the most comprehensive inspection available. We do this by covering the interior and exterior of the structure including the roof, attic, crawlspace, foundation, chimney, decking, and landscape.

Magic's professional inspection involves:
· Identifying the nuisance wildlife
· Locating entry points on the structure if possible
· Recognizing contributing environmental factors

Magic will then suggest any necessary habitat modifications and provide a written estimate for necessary animal exclusions and damage repair work that should be performed to prevent future incidents.

Trap Placement

The perfect trap will not produce catches if it is not positioned correctly and in a good location. When Magic places traps, we make sure of: proper trap usage, proper baits (not peanut butter), and proper placement/location.

Magic will place traps depending on the architecture of the structure and where activity is being observed. This typically involves placing traps along runs and nesting areas that are found during our professional inspection.

Trap Monitoring

Once traps are set, they must be monitored. Magic will monitor the traps, as required by state guidelines, to remove any caught animals, adjust traps that are not producing catches and determine when all resident animals have been removed from within the structure.

Depending on the type and number of animals, removal may take two days or twenty days. Rest assured we are going to be there through the entire process. Once the resident animals are removed from within a structure, then the necessary Animal Exclusions and Damage Repair should be performed to prevent future incidents.

Just as the animal showed up unexpectedly, be assured that some other urban creature will be happy to fill the vacancy just created. Often holes and construction gaps high on a house will be home to squirrels. Once the problem squirrels are gone others squirrels may move in as well as birds, and bats.

Animal Exclusion

Animal Exclusion is the process of installing a necessary barrier on a structure (or area) to keep nuisance animals out. Your home may have suffered physical damage originating from an animal. This damage is caused when creatures exploit areas on your structure that exist from the time it was constructed.

Dryer and exhaust vents provide perfect spots for pest birds to nest. Squirrels will exploit improperly, or poorly screened gable vents. Mice and rats, will exploit gaps along a foundation or the corner channels of a vinyl or wood sided home. Your Magic Wildlife professional can determine what type of exclusion is appropriate for your home and greatly improve your chances of keeping wildlife outside.