Similar to all types of pests, birds are always on the hunt for space to nest and mate. Birds gather and socialize often, which is why it’s common to see several to many congregated on the roofs of homes and businesses. Birds are a normal part of the environment, but they can be dangerous when they take up residence on your property. Their droppings can transmit diseases, their nesting can be hazardous, and some birds can cause property damage.

At Magic Exterminating, we know a flock of birds roosting on your roof can be distressing. We are committed to helping protect our communities from the damage caused by birds. Keep reading to learn more!

Diseases From Bird Problems

In addition to being unsightly, bird droppings can also cause a variety of serious health issues. Droppings may contain germs and parasites that can cause over 60 different diseases and infections in humans, including Salmonella and E. coli infections. The Department of Public Health recommends wearing personal protective equipment, including a respirator outfitted with HEPA filters, when cleaning up old accumulations of droppings. For this reason alone, it’s always best to contact a professional pest control company such as Magic Exterminating for help with bird cleanup services.

Property Damage From Birds

Birds can cause a lot more property damage than you may realize. Common property damage from birds includes:

  1. Birds such as pigeons, starlings, and sparrows will roost in eaves, peck at shingles and siding, and eventually cause structural damage.
  2. Woodpeckers can damage a building even faster with its continual pecking, which can cause major destruction in a matter of minutes.
  3. Bird droppings also corrode expensive business equipment and materials like metal, concrete, and paint. 

Bird Damage Control Services

Before removing any birds or nests, it’s important to properly identify the species and potential dangers involved. This is why it’s crucial to work with a professional. When you call Magic Exterminating, one of our licensed bird control technicians can identify the bird, examine the property for future problems, and set up proper exclusionary devices. Contact us today for help with damage caused by birds.

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