Field Cricket


Actual Size: about 1”

Characteristics: Dark brown or black, with large hind legs and slender antennae. 

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Wings: Yes

Habitat: Cool, dark and damp environments


  • Nymph field crickets have smaller and less-developed wings
  • Each female lays up to 400 eggs during the winter
  • Can breed indoors

Field Crickets in Flushing, NY

Field Crickets are commonly seen and heard in New York City around fields, woodlands, abandoned lots and grassy schoolyards. As the weather cools they migrate into commercial and residential properties, slipping through window gaps and cracks in the foundation to try and stay warm. 

Field Cricket Habitat

Outdoors, field crickets thrive in almost any environment, be it shrub or meadow. And when it comes to the inside of your property they’ll find a place for themselves in any crevice that is dark and warm. They spend the day in hiding, coming out at night to feed and mate. 

Field Cricket Behaviors, Threats or Dangers

They aren’t the worst pest infestation you can have around NYC and Long Island, but field crickets are far from pleasant. They’re the poster child of a nuisance pest, with nightly concerts that may keep you up for hours on end. If you have problems with Field Crickets, it is recommended to contact a local pest control company.