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Rodent Exclusion

Rodent exclusion is the key to preventing an infestation. Exclusion is making your property less attractive to rats and mice in the first place. Learn more!

Rodents are attracted to all types of foods and odors. Certain scents and foods will draw them inside your home or business.

To prevent rodents from getting inside your property, it’s important to seal tiny cracks and crevices and install screens. Find out more here!

Are rodents tearing up your Flushing NY yard? Learn how to make your yard less attractive to rats and mice with Magic Exterminating.

Rodent season in Flushing NY is at its peak in the fall months. Learn when to start protecting your property from an infestation!

As with all types of pests, rodents can rarely be prevented with all-natural or DIY methods. Find out which prevention methods work with our experts.

Rodent Exclusion Serving Flushing NY and Port Washington NY

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