A hound serving as a k9 bed bug inspection dog sniffs the ground for signs of bed bugs

Even with all the training available on the market, the human eye can only perceive around 30% of bed bug activity. And that doesn’t even include what goes on in walls, baseboards and under carpets – all areas that are incredibly difficult to see with the naked eye. 

With dogs it’s a very different story. Our Bed Bug Canines have the ability to detect bed bugs with 96% accuracy! If that sounds too good to be true, we have science to back us up. The Institute for Biological Detection System (or IBDS) explains that dogs can:

  • Sense odors diluted to 500 parts per trillion
  • Differentiate target odors out of a spectrum of smells
  • Easily discriminate between a variety of distinct odors

Detection dogs have had a place in military and law enforcement for a long time, and we’ve been using them at Magic Exterminating since 1990. That’s over thirty years of K9 Bed Bug Inspections that have helped us be even more accurate at detecting bed bugs in properties throughout New York City and Long Island.

Benefits of Bed Bug Dogs

A session with our Bed Bug Dogs is cuter than most human technicians, but that’s not the only benefit. These sessions are quicker, less expensive and undeniably more accurate. Even more than that, treatment from a Bed Bug Dog comes with the kind of honesty you only get from an animal. If our canine companion goes through your home or business without reacting, you can be fairly confident that you don’t have bed bugs.

This is the kind of assurance you can get from the team at Magic Extermination. Contact us today to enjoy a pest-free* home thanks to Man’s Best Friend!

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