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Grocery stores and bodegas in and around NYC are a big target for vermin, and when you think about it it’s easy to see why. You have a large space filled with countless sources of food – some of which may even be kept uncovered – turning any market into a buffet for bugs, rodents and other forms of wildlife. As an owner of a business like this, you know that one pest infestation is enough to ruin the reputation of your business.

How can you keep this from happening? The best course of action is to find a reliable pest control company for your grocery or corner store, one that can provide effective preventative treatments and ongoing work to keep your business pest-free* throughout the year. And in New York City and Long Island, Magic Exterminating in Flushing NY has decades of experience in doing exactly that.

Grocery Store Pest Infestations

You don’t want to wait to treat an infestation in your grocery store when just the sight of a single roach or fly can be enough to spark chaos, a loss of business and a tarnished reputation. Even worse than that, pests can compromise the safety of the food you sell. Some of the most common NYC grocery store pests include:

  • Rodents 
  • Cockroaches
  • Flies 
  • Ants 
  • Pantry pests (Beetles, weevils and moths)
  • Raccoons 
  • Silverfish

Our Pest Control Process for Grocery Stores

At Magic Exterminating, every grocery store we treat for pests is different, and we personalize our process to make sure you get the treatment your business needs. With each client, the basic process of our pest control plan goes as follows: 

  • An inspection of the property and the surrounding area
  • Identification of any previous infestations and potential attractants
  • Creation of a grocery store pest control plan based around your needs and local regulations 
  • Sealing of entry points and other exclusion efforts
  • Repeat visits by an exterminator to follow up throughout the year

Experienced Grocery Store Pest Control in Flushing NY

For 60 years, Magic Exterminating has been working with grocery store owners and management, making sure they’re able to operate safely. Our work is discreet when needed, as well as environmentally friendly and comprehensive. Don’t settle for less when it comes to pest control for your grocery store. Contact Magic Exterminating today!

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