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Customer service is the cornerstone of your NYC-area retail store  You work to create a positive experience and a safe space for your customers and employees, and both of those factors are negatively impacted by the presence of pests. The bugs and rodents that are so common to this area can drive away customers, keep work from getting done, and sink your reputation. 

Pest control for retail stores is a vital part of keeping your business in good standing. This is especially true if your retail store sells food, which renders it far more vulnerable to pests. As a team of professional exterminators, Magic Exterminating in Flushing NY has 60+ years of experience in getting rid of pests in all types of retail businesses. You can trust that we’ll do what needs to be done to allow you to run your store pest-free*. 

The Value of Retail Pest Control

There are few things that’ll sink a customer’s spirits more than the sight of ants on the counter or a roach in the corner of the room. They may be common to the New York City area, but that doesn’t mean customers want to see them while they’re out shopping. Other pests that may get in your store include:

Bugs and rodents like these are not only unpleasant to look at, they also carry bacteria that can potentially transmit illnesses. Don’t wait if you see evidence of their presence in your property. Magic Exterminating can tackle these infestations with a comprehensive plan suited to the needs of your business.

A Magic Pest Control Plan for Retail Businesses

In New York City and Long Island, we craft pest control strategies that differ based on what you sell, where you’re located and many other factors. The work we do eradicates any active infestations and keeps more from forming in the future. Our pest control plan for your retail store includes: 

  • A property inspection of your store, inside and out, along with the surrounding area
  • Finding pest pressures and potential attractants
  • Creation of a pest control plan that suits your retail business and the regulations of its property
  • Sealing the entry points and other areas of structural vulnerability

Once we finish the initial plan, we’ll send a technician to come back to your store at several points in the year. That way we can make sure the measures we put into place are working and your business is still pest-free*.

Retail Pest Control with Experience

Magic Exterminating has been clearing retail stores of pests across Long Island and NYC for decades. We’ve learned that the best way to keep pests out of your store is with regular preventative inspections. More than that, we offer sustainable extermination that wipes out pests without spreading any pesticides or other poisons into the surrounding area. If you want to learn more about getting or keeping your New York City retail store pest-free*, contact us today!

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