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Ants are everywhere - they’re one of the most common and most aggravating pest problems in the United States. In New York City they can spread quickly and are very difficult to control without a qualified exterminator. At Magic Exterminating we specialize in long-lasting ant removal for residential and commercial properties across the Boroughs and Long Island. Our ant exterminators know where they’re most likely to hide, and they’re trained in the most effective and eco-friendly methods of getting rid of them.

An Overview of Ants in New York City and Long Island

  • There are Carpenter Ants, which have a mid-size colony of up to 3,000 ants and one queen. They may split into satellite nests adjacent to the main colony, all usually found in moist wood and wall voids. Once they move to the inside of homes, they will leave recognizable piles of sawdust and dead insect parts outside their nest.
  • Odorous House Ants can create Super Colonies of over 100,000 ants that cover a territory of several homes or street blocks. They’re known for nesting in wall voids around warm areas and may invade homes as the colony grows to search for more food sources.
  • Pavement Ants are one of the most common species of ants, with up to 4,000 in one colony centered around multiple queens. They form small dirt mounds outdoors, or (like odorous ants) they may nest in wall voids near heat sources. Pavement ants are known to swarm on food sources left in their foraging range and are easily controlled by bait.
  • Acrobat Ants are not common, but may travel on tree limbs, utility lines and fence rails to enter structures. They are more aggressive than other ants and may try to attack if disturbed.
  • Pharaoh Ants which are also uncommon, are hard to control if not properly identified. Baits are the best control method, as liquid repellents will cause them to scatter and form multiple new nests.
  • We also treat other ants like Ghost Ants, White-Footed Ants, Big-Headed Ants, Little Black Ants and Thief Ants, as well as rarer species seen around the island.

Our Ant Removal Process

Magic Exterminating knows the importance of ant control services that meet the needs of your property. With so many ant species in New York City alone, we make a point to adjust our extermination techniques with every client we partner with. While it’s personalized to fit your home or commercial property, our ant control services typically include the following: 

  • A property inspection of the infected building and its surrounding grounds
  • Application of control products and insecticides
  • Sealing entry points and addressing sources of the infestation
  • An ant removal report describing the details of the treatment
  • Control and prevention tips to give you the tools to avoid future infestations

Ant Exterminators for YOUR HOME

Common Ant Extermination Q&A

Ants will enter a property through small cracks and crevices around vulnerable areas like windows, pipes, siding, and between bricks. They come into kitchens looking for food and, once they find a source, they will start what is known as a “bucket brigade” to bring it back to the nest. Luckily, we can use this to our advantage by placing gels and other forms of bait in their path. They bring the bait to the colony, spreading it through the population and resulting in an eventual collapse.

Out of all other pests, ants are one of the most difficult to get rid of. Depending on the species in question, you may be faced with a single nest at the base of your home or a massive colony sprawling across city blocks. When you first place your bait, you might actually find an influx of ants at first, but don’t worry – that’s just the colony recruiting new members to help bring the “food” back home. Over the next ten days you’ll likely see fewer and fewer ants, and then none at all. If that isn’t the case, you can contact Magic Exterminating to reevaluate the situation at no additional cost. 

We have chemicals and other solutions, but the first and most important factor of pest control comes through sanitation and building maintenance. If there is an exposed food source or vulnerability in your structure, it’s only a matter of time before ants and other pests will take advantage of it. Magic Exterminating can inspect your property in your initial session and let you know of any conditions that need to be addressed to keep your home pest-free*.

Ant Removal for YOUR BUSINESS

Keeping Ants Away From Your Commercial Property

Ants aren’t just a problem for homes in New York City and Long Island. Many commercial properties are also vulnerable to ant infestations. This includes restaurants and grocery stores, but also food processing facilities and schools as well. The same species of ant that can damage our home can target the structure of your business as well, making preventative imperative. Magic Exterminating in Flushing NY can provide ant removal services catered to the needs of your business and effective for all the major ant species in the area.

Magic Exterminating Reviews

I have been using Magic for a number of years at my home and they have always done a wonderful job. I often recommend them to friends who across the board have all been as happy as I am. They truly are exerts in their work! Efficient, prompt, easy to work with, resonantly priced and most importantly effective.

– Ed Freiberg

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At Magic Exterminating, we protect against the disease and damage that can be caused by common pests.

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