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TAP® Insulation

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a licensed new york installer adding TAP pest control insulation to an attic TAP® (Thermal Acoustical Pest Control) Insulation is the perfect solution for homeowners who want to keep their homes pest-free* and comfortable all year long. Not only does TAP Insulation help manage crawling insects, it also keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, performing just as well or better than conventional insulation. It’s an increasingly popular insulation options among homeowners because of its long-lasting pest control properties and eco-friendly materials – and it’s never been easier to get. 

How Does TAP® Insulation Help Prevent Pests?

TAP Insulation works just like traditional insulation when it comes to conserving energy and blocking out noise. In fact, some studies have shown that it performs even better. However, TAP Insulation truly stands out when it comes to its pest control properties. How does it work? It’s simple. TAP is made with a borate-infused material that is deadly to many types of insects. Insects cannot build up a tolerance to the borate, so when they come into contact with it, it sticks to their bodies. When they groom themselves or eat, they ingest the borate, which causes a reaction that ultimately kills them. This highly effective, passive pest control treatment can make a big difference in your home.

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Which Pests Can TAP® Insulation Stop?

The best form of pest control is prevention, which is why TAP® Insulation is such a popular option for property owners. The pests controlled by TAP® include:

What Other Benefits Does TAP Insulation Offer?

Pests love insulation because it provides a great place for them to breed and hide. If you can turn your insulation into a hostile environment for pests, it makes your house a lot less attractive to them. TAP Insulation offers a variety of other benefits, including:
benefits of TAP insulation include energy savings, lifetime guarantee, pest management, and more

Licensed TAP Insulation Installers

At Magic Exterminating, our number one priority is to eliminate pests from your home. TAP Insulation is one of the most innovative tools we have for achieving that goal. Don’t wait until the next time pests strike – get a head start by making an appointment for TAP Insulation installation today.

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TAP® Pest Control Insulation FAQ

Thermal Acoustical Pest Control Insulation.

It very much depends on the location and size of the structure. Give us a call at 516-862-4974 and we’d be happy to give you a quote. Investing in this pest resistant insulation is an investment in your long-term enjoyment of your home.

When insects come into contact with TAP, boric acid clings to them. When pests groom themselves, they ingest the borates, which reliably and effectively kill them.

Our certified TAP® Insulation installers will blow it into your attic. You can install it over existing insulation.

It takes around four to six hours to install TAP depending on the size of the property.

Cellulose insulation is one of the greenest building products around. Consider the lifecycle from beginning to end. Cellulose insulation takes less energy to produce than other insulation products, is made from 80%+ recycled paper, and reduces a home’s carbon footprint through energy savings.

TAP® Insulation is designed to kill insects. It does not kill rodents.

Boric acid does not pose a significant threat to humans or pets as long as it’s not eaten. If ingested, it can be toxic. TAP® Insulation is not flammable, either. In fact, borates serve as a fire-retardant, making it safer than other cellulose-based insulation products!

No, the effectiveness of borate-infused pest-resistant TAP Insulation does not decline. It will maintain its effectiveness as long as it is installed.

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