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Living in or around the New York City area, you know better than most that Americans that homes don’t just take the form of sprawling, single-family suburban houses. Multifamily housing is a way of life, with a higher percentage of New Yorkers living in apartments or condos than anywhere else in the country. It’s where you live, and it’s where the bugs, rodents and animals in the area want to live too. Pest control for apartments and condos is a very real issue, as an infestation in one unit can quickly spread to others. Magic Exterminating has been providing pest control services to New York City and Long Island since 62 from our HQ in Flushing NY. We can use our decades of experience to prevent pests from entering your building or get rid of them once they are inside.

Our apartment and condo pest control services are customized to fit the unique needs of your building, and we are dedicated to keeping your tenants pest-free* year-round.

Common Multifamily Housing Pest Problems

It may come as an unpleasant surprise to learn how quickly a single unit pest problem in New York City and Long Island can turn into a full-blown infestation. For apartments and condos in the area, the three most common pests are bed bugs, cockroaches and rodents. This trio is infamous for being nearly impossible to eradicate on your own, which is why it’s so important to bring in a professional service like Magic Exterminating to get rid of them for good. Our technicians understand the sensitive nature of infestations in multifamily housing, be it apartment complex or condo unit, and that’s why we focus on treating the entire building as opposed to individual units.

Pest Control for Apartments and Condos

Magic Exterminating is able to protect your building from pest problems throughout the year. No matter the season, when you arrange for services through our team you can expect:

  • A property inspection of your building and surrounding grounds by one of our skilled technicians
  • Identification of vulnerabilities and signs of potential pest activity
  • A multifamily housing pest control plan that meets your requirements and that of your building
  • Ongoing visits from technicians after treatment to help keep your building pest-free*

Multifamily Housing Pest Control in Flushing NY

If you’re a property manager, building owner or resident living in an apartment or condo, you might feel that you can or must handle a pest infestation on your own. At Magic Exterminating we’re here to tell you that’s far from the case. Our team can step in to protect against pests both rare and common, keeping your home and building safe for all that inhabit it. From one-time treatments to regular protection programs, Magic Exterminating is the name to call for pest-free* living. Contact us today to get started!

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