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Before you buy or sell a home in or around New York City, it’s wise to make sure that you perform a real estate pest inspection that will pinpoint any potential problems with the property. If you find evidence of bugs, rodents or other forms of wildlife in your home that you weren’t aware of, that has the potential to make or break any potential sale. Because of that, your choice of pest inspector is a crucial part of the real estate process.

If you want a level of experience and expertise that can’t be beat, you can find all that and more from Magic Exterminating in Flushing NY. Our real estate pest inspections are accurate and reliable, and we focus on finding evidence of termites and other damaging pests so common in NYC and Long Island.

Real Estate Pest Inspections in New York City and Long Island

During a home pest inspection, a technician from our team will carefully examine and report on the property’s interior. This covers all the rooms you’d readily access in an open house, as well as less frequented spaces such as crawl spaces, basements, attics and closets. And we’re not only looking for current infestations, either – we also search for past pest damage and any vulnerable areas at risk of an infestation in the future. 

Our WDI Report

While navigating the real estate market you may have read about a WDI (Wood Destroying Insect), which is an acronym commonly seen on a termite inspection report. This report can help prevent an unpleasant surprise in property transactions, as termites and other wood-destroying insects are one of the worst problems for homeowners in Long Island or New York City. They may come from water leaks or rotting wood, and once they’ve established themselves in your property, they can cause significant damage to its internal structure.

Many mortgage lenders require a WDI report to issue a home loan. So, as a buyer, you may need to choose a pest control company to perform a WDI inspection. With over 60 years of experience, Magic Exterminating is a great choice. 

One of our qualified pest inspectors will examine various aspects of the property in question and note any evidence of:

This will all go into the WDI that will ultimately help buyers decide whether or not the property they’re considering is worth buying at the price you imagined.

Magic Exterminating for Real Estate Inspections

It’s stressful enough to move to a new home without that new property being filled with pests chewing away at its structural integrity. You can count on Magic Extermination to perform a thorough WDI inspection for the home you’re looking to buy. We’re located in Flushing NY but we serve New York City and Long Island. Contact us here to schedule an inspection today!

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