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If you own or run any health care facility in or around New York City or Long Island, from an urgent care clinic to a dentist’s office, you know how crucial hygiene and sanitation are. So, what can you do when all that work is suddenly undone by a rat or roach wandering the building? 

Few types of facilities have more of a need to be pest-free than hospitals or other healthcare facilities. When you work with us, you can trust that we’ll keep your medical facility pest-free and your patients safe all year round.

Pest Dangers in Healthcare Facilities

Maintaining a reputation for cleanliness and safety in your healthcare facility is hard to do in the presence of bugs, rodents or wildlife. In New York City and Long Island, some of the most common pests in healthcare facilities include: 

Pests like these can carry a variety of illness-causing bacteria such as salmonella, streptococcus, and staphylococcus. Keeping your healthcare facility hygienic is critical for the safety of your staff and clientele. Magic Exterminating can not only eliminate current pests but create an exclusion plan to help keep them from coming back.


Pest Control for Healthcare Facilities

We can offer more than a spray or bait to get rid of pests in the short-term. At Magic Exterminating in Flushing NY we create a personalized plan unique to each client that’ll work all year long. The basic structure of our pest management for medical facilities in New York City and Long Island looks like this:

  • An in-depth property inspection of the property, interior and exterior 
  • Identification of potential pest attractants
  • Development of a specialized plan that suits the needs of your healthcare facility and the regulations of the building. 
  • Sealing off entry points and other forms of structural vulnerability 
  • The scheduling of several return appointments so we can make sure you get pest-free and stay there

Reliable Healthcare Pest Control

If you’re in Long Island or any of the Boroughs of NYC, Magic Exterminating in Flushing NY is ready to help you keep pests out of your healthcare facility. Every season in New York City brings with it a new kind of pest, and we’ve been eliminating them since 1960. We are discreet, thorough, and environmentally sustainable in the work that we do. To learn more or get a free estimate, contact us today!

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