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When you come across a wasp or hornet nest on your property, you may wonder if and how you should go about removing it. When nests are built on or near homes and businesses, they have the potential to become dangerous. Some of these insects are known to be aggressive when people or animals get too close, making it important to reach out to a professional wasp exterminator whenever you notice a growing wasp problem. 

At Magic Exterminating, we know how important it is to keep your family safe from stinging insects. Our wasp nest removal services are safe and effective.

When is it Time for Hornet Nest Removal?

First and foremost, whenever you notice a hornet or wasp nest, make sure to avoid it entirely. Even if the nest looks empty, it is still possible for stinging insects to be inside. Since aggression in bees varies, it is difficult to know when or why they decide to swarm or sting. Sometimes nests are constructed in high-traffic areas, which means that bees and wasps can easily feel threatened. In the late summer and fall months, nests can even be more dangerous as the insects will die out before the winter months.

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Is DIY Wasp Nest Removal Safe?

It is not recommended to remove a wasp nest on your own. Nests have a likelihood of containing more stinging insects than anticipated, which can quickly lead to a dangerous scenario. As a rule, it is encouraged to reach out to the help of a professional wasp exterminator when you have a nest that is larger than the size of a fist. Safe wasp and hornet nest removal requires the expertise and precision of a specialist, which is why you should always call the experts at Magic Exterminating. 

Our Wasp Nest Removal Services

Bees, wasps, and hornets are normal in the Flushing NY area. However, their nests can be dangerous when built near residential or commercial properties. When you call the team at Magic Exterminating for nest removal, our team performs a detailed inspection to locate the nest and type of insect species. After the inspection, we can complete a wasp nest removal service on the spot or come back at a time that is ideal for you. Call us today to learn more about our wasp and bee nest removal!

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