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Bees around your property are often accompanied by the possibility of being stung. As long as you leave them alone, you won’t typically be a target. However, when wasps and hornets are a part of the discussion, this isn’t always the case. Hornets and wasps are often lumped in together with the bee family, but they are actually part of a distinct classification. This classification comes with a unique set of knowledge on how to handle them properly. 

Our technicians at Magic Exterminating are well trained in the types of wasps and hornets you might see in the Flushing NY area, and can help you properly remove wasp nests and hornet nests.

Wasps vs. Hornets

How do hornets and wasps differ? A hornet is a type of wasp, but it is unique from common wasp species in the following ways:

  • Its physical appearance: Hornets tend to be rounder and larger than wasps and typically have brown or reddish-orange markings on their backs. The wasp is black and yellow.
  • Its social habits: Hornets are social insects, sometimes coming from nests of over 100 other hornets. Wasps can be either social or lonesome insects, varying by species.
  • Its aggression. Hornets are less likely to be provoked than other species of wasps, but when you threaten them or their nest, their sting can be more painful than many other kinds of stinging insects. 

Do Wasps Sting?

Wasps and hornets found around Flushing NY are capable of biting and stinging. While bees are known to sting only once, a wasp can and will sting repeatedly since its stinger remains in its body during an attack. One hornet’s sting can be extremely painful due to the venom it carries. With a wasp, you could likely experience more than one sting. A wasp who feels its nest is threatened will release a pheromone that signals other wasps to adopt a defensive response. Anyone around the wasps at that time is in danger and more likely to be stung. 

Wasp Removal and Hornet Removal

If you think you’ve found a wasp nest or hornet nest in your yard in Flushing NY, call the experts at Magic Exterminating to have it safely removed. We have a team that is trained to handle all kinds of bees, hornets, and wasps by safely assessing your yard and presenting you with a plan for the best prevention and removal strategies. If you want to keep wasps and hornets off of your property all year long, contact us today for a free quote!

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