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What Do Mosquitoes Eat?

It’s a misconception that mosquitoes live off blood exclusively. Actually, blood consumption is exclusive to female mosquitoes, which is necessary for their reproductive process. The diet of mosquitoes varies with their development stage:

  • Mosquito larvae nourish themselves on microorganisms such as algae and bacteria found in their aquatic habitats.
  • During the pupal stage, mosquitoes do not consume any food.
  • Adult mosquitoes, regardless of gender, primarily derive their nutrition from plant nectar.
  • Beyond human hosts, female mosquitoes may also extract blood from a variety of animals including birds, small mammals, and reptiles.
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Do Mosquitoes Eat Anything Other Than Blood?

The role of blood in a mosquito’s diet is often overestimated. Blood meals are essential for female mosquitoes for reproduction purposes only. Males do not partake in blood-feeding at all. Instead, mosquitoes sustain themselves on a sugar-based diet, consuming nectar, plant sap, and honeydew to fulfill their energy requirements.

Male vs. Female Mosquito Diet

The distinction in diet between male and female mosquitoes is stark:

  • Female mosquitoes require a blood meal for egg production, but they also consume nectar as a significant part of their diet.
  • Male mosquitoes, on the other hand, exclusively feed on sugary substances from plants, using their proboscis to access plant nectar. Consequently, males do not transmit diseases through biting.

Can Mosquitoes Survive Without Eating?

Mosquitoes have a relatively brief lifespan, and their survival is heavily dependent on regular feeding. A female mosquito might perish within a few days without access to a blood or nectar source. While mosquitoes can enter a dormant state during colder months and survive without food, they generally cannot last long without nourishment and will eventually die if a food source is absent. 

Mosquitos are very resilient so its recommended to contact a mosquito exterminator for mosquito identification or control.

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