Furniture Carpet Beetle


Actual Size: ⅛ to 3/16”

Characteristics: Rounded and covered with dense bristles. Colored dark brown with yellow and white splotches. 

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Wings: Yes, hardened 

Habitat: Adults are found on plants where they can eat pollen and nectar. When indoors, they’re usually near doors and windows. 


  • Attracted to poorly cleaned spaces
  • Enjoy feeding on animal proteins such as feathers, furs and wool
  • Can nest in hardwood or tile floor as well as carpet

Furniture Carpet Beetles in Flushing, NY

Furniture carpet beetles are a familiar pest in the vicinity of New York City and Long Island. They are usually brought in through open doors and windows, but they may also get into your house through infected furniture. In certain cases they may get into the house through cut plants and flower trimmings.

Furniture Carpet Beetle Habitat

Carpet beetles, as their name suggests, are often found in the fibers of carpets. But they can also nest in old bedding left in storage, under seldom-used furniture, or even in floor cracks and ducts. They are most comfortable anywhere with plenty of animal protein to feed on.

Furniture Carpet Beetle Behaviors, Threats or Dangers

Carpet beetles are not physically harmful to human beings, but their presence usually indicates an unclean environment. More than that, they can severely damage your furniture, bedding, and any other fur or fabric. Because of that we’d recommend vacuuming the space regularly – at least once a day, depending on the extent of the infestation. If that doesn’t stop the spread, you can contact Magic Exterminating for professional beetle treatment.