Bird Mite

Actual Size: 1/32”

Characteristics: Semi-transparent, similar body shape to ticks, covered in hair

Legs: Larvae have 6, adults have 8

Antennae: No

Wings: No

Habitat: In the nests of their hosts, which may be in roof spaces, wall cavities or window ledges 


  • Mainly nocturnal
  • Can bite humans, but can’t repopulate on human blood
  • Will live on birds or their nests for their entire lives

Bird Mites in Flushing, NY

Bird mites are parasitic, like other forms of fleas or ticks, and they’re primarily drawn to infecting birds. We call them “chicken mites” because of that, but the truth is that they can survive with any fowl as their host – including the pigeons so common to the New York City area. And if there are nests around your home or businesses, bird mites can easily find their way inside your property.

Bird Mite Habitat

Most bird mites will spend their entire lifespan on their avian hosts or within their nests. If they get inside, though, they can quickly spread from the bathroom and bedroom to the rest of the house. They like to gather around where humans interact, hiding in undisturbed corners and coming out at night to feed and repopulate.

Bird Mite Behaviors, Threats or Dangers

Bird mites are parasites by nature, and if they don’t have a bird to feed on it won’t be long before they turn to humans. If they get inside your property, they will quickly grow into a massive infestation. Once bird mites have taken over it can be very difficult to eradicate the infestation on your own, which is why Magic Exterminating offers professional flea and tick treatment for properties in New York City and Long Island.