A pest control technician places a Sentricon bait station into a yard.

Sentricon®: Always Active Termite Control

In Long Island and the five Boroughs, termites are a real problem that requires a real solution. That’s why Magic Exterminating specializes in using the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active technology. Unlike other forms of treatment, Sentricon® has been proven to eradicate entire colonies, which makes it the optimal choice to combat termites in homes and businesses across New York and Long Island.

What is Sentricon®? 

Sentricon® is a non-intrusive, environmentally responsible form of total termite control. Installing these stations does not involve drilling in floors or foundations, trenching landscaping or injecting toxic chemicals into the ground. Instead, it uses a bait that doesn’t pose a threat to the groundwater on your property. 

It’s easy to apply and monitor, and because of its emphasis on sustainability it’s the only termite control product to win a Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

Sentricon® FAQs

What differentiates Sentricon from other termite baits? 

Every bait has a different effect on a termite colony. Most other baits cause termites to die or become ill in the vicinity of the station, prompting the rest of the colony to avoid the area. The Sentricon System, on the other hand, is designed with Novaflumuron that slowly affects an entire colony and causes an eventual collapse. 

Does the Sentricon System eliminate the entire termite colony? 

Yes, the Sentricon System has been proven effective in collapsing termite colonies worldwide. 

Is there any research into the effects of Sentricon®? 

The Sentricon System has been tested by 15 universities, as well as the United States Department of Agriculture against all economically important subterranean termite species. There have also been over 30 scientific papers published on Sentricon and its components. 

Do you have to use a liquid termiticide with Sentricon®?

Not all termite baits can be used alone, but the Sentricon System is able to be installed without any additional termiticides.

Sentricon is only one of the many strategies Magic Exterminating has in their arsenal for residential, commercial and industrial properties in and around New York City. Are you curious if this is the right course of treatment for you? Contact us today and we’ll send a technician to inspect your space and determine the best course of action. 

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