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At first glance, it can be difficult to differentiate between termites and carpenter ants. They’re both dangerous to structures, and they both can fly at certain stages of their development, but they’re two distinct species that require distinct varieties of treatment. For homes and businesses across New York City and Long Island, Magic Exterminating in Flushing NY can combat all major pests – including both termites and carpenter ants. But before you decide what kind of services you want to call us for, it’s important to know what kind of infestation you’re dealing with.

Termites vs Flying Ants: an Overview

  • Bodily Features: Carpenter ants are slightly larger than the average termite with more pronounced features. They have a thinner waist, larger antennae, and two sets of differently-sized wings. Termites, on the other hand, have a more even shape with smaller limbs and evenly sized wings. 
  • Visibility: Subterranean termites, the most common variety in New York City, spend half the season nesting underground. You’re more likely to see evidence of carpenter ants, likely through their discarded wings or piles of sawdust near where they’ve been digging. 
  • Diet: The core difference between carpenter ants and termites is that carpenter ants don’t actually eat the wood they dig through. Termites eat the cellulose from the wood in your property, which means they don’t have to leave to find a consistent food source.

Ants vs Termites: Damage

The differences between termites and carpenter ants can also be seen through the damage they cause. Carpenter ants are attracted to decaying wood, and even once they make their way to sounder structures it could be difficult to see the damage they do from the outside. 

Compare this to termites, which eat the cellulose in wood to create a very visible layered effect. They enter the home through mud tubes connecting to basement windows, doorways, siding, porches, and other such structures. And while a carpenter ant can weaken the integrity of a structure, it’s the termite that causes $500 billion in damage every year.

Is this a Flying Ant or Termite?

If you see a few odd-looking flying bugs around the home, act quickly. Even if you aren’t certain what it is, wood-destroying insects can cause staggering damage if left unchecked. Magic Exterminating can wipe them out regardless of the species, and with our help we can make your home or business in New York City so much safer to inhabit. Termite or ant, Magic Exterminator in Flushing NY can take care of it. Contact us today to learn more!

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