joro spider in web

Imagine yourself relaxing in your backyard, only to spot an enormous spider with an intricate web spanning across your trees. This frightening arachnid is unlike any you’ve ever encountered. Thoughts whirl as you ponder the identity of this formidable creature. What is it? Chances are, you’ve come face to face with the Joro Spider, an orb-weaving species that’s been making headlines for its appearances in various eastern U.S. states. And now, it seems, it’s made its way right here to Flushing NY.

What Does the Joro Spider Look Like?

The Joro Spider catches the eye with its impressive size, sprawling web structure, and striking coloration. If you happen upon a sizable one, it’s probably a female, given the species’ sexual dimorphism, where males and females exhibit distinct physical characteristics. Curious about telling male and female Joro spiders apart? Here’s how you can distinguish between them:


  • Size: A large body, roughly ¾ inch to 1 inch in length, with legs spanning up to 4 inches.
  • Color: Vibrant yellow and blue shades, highlighted by noticeable red markings.
  • Web: Weaves large, intricate webs that can extend up to 10 feet.


  • Size: Noticeably smaller than the females.
  • Color: Darker tones and less vibrancy, with more subdued colors.
  • Web: Unlike the females, the males do not spin webs.

The webs created by Joro Spiders are distinctive. They are sizable, golden-colored, and incredibly strong, able to ensnare a diverse array of insects.

Where is the Joro Spider Found?

Joro Spiders are becoming more prevalent across a range of habitats, demonstrating their remarkable adaptability. Previously believed to require expansive natural environments, they’ve astonished researchers by thriving in urban settings. Their presence near highways, unusual for web-hunting spiders reliant on prey vibrations, is a noteworthy discovery. Their ability to prosper in diverse environments, particularly urban ones, highlights their adaptability and potential to expand their territory.

Is the Joro Spider Dangerous?

Despite their scary size and appearance, Joro spiders are harmless to humans. While they can deliver a bite, their fangs are small, and they tend to be timid creatures that prefer to retreat rather than confront. The fear they provoke exceeds the actual risk they pose, making them more of an intriguing phenomenon than a genuine threat. Nonetheless, individuals with arachnophobia may still experience significant distress in their presence and should exercise caution. Seeking assistance from a professional spider removal expert can help offer peace of mind.

Where Did the Joro Spider Come From?

Indigenous to East Asia, the Joro Spider is thought to have unintentionally made its way to the U.S. via shipping containers. This explanation accounts for their initial sightings near ports and their subsequent spread across the eastern United States. As these spiders adapt to their unfamiliar environment, they are being observed more frequently in suburban and rural areas, leading to concerns about their impact on local ecosystems. Scientists are actively studying their dispersal to gauge the long-term ecological consequences.

What’s Next for the Joro Spider in Flushing NY?

it seems the Joro Spider is here to stay. Their adaptability and prolific reproduction suggest they will continue to extend their range along the eastern seaboard. Understanding their behavior and ecological role is crucial for devising strategies to mitigate potential negative impacts on local ecosystems.

Do You Have Concerns About Spiders?

While the Joro Spider may initially instill fear because of its large size and disturbing appearance, it’s vital to recognize that they are generally harmless to humans. Their presence in Flushing NY and beyond is an example of the ever-changing dynamics of our local ecosystems.

Whether you’re worried or intrigued by the Joro Spider or other pests, we’re here to help. Reach out to Magic Exterminating for advice, details, or assistance with any of your pest-related concerns.


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