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When thinking about the insulation in your home, pest control is likely not the first thing that comes to mind. For some, it may not come to mind at all. Traditionally, we think of insulation as temperature management or noise reduction. Did you know that there are insulation options that can serve as a barrier to pests as well? Old and damaged insulation is a haven for pests. The damp or deteriorating insulation is a convenient place to create a nest, and it is difficult to remove infestations permanently. Their waste becomes the air that you breathe and may lead to serious health conditions. With TAP® Insulation, an eco and financial-friendly product, you can have all the benefits of regular insulation but with the added perk of pest control. Reaching out to your local exterminator is one of the best ways to have it installed in your home. 

TAP® Insulation

This EPA-registered pest control insulation is created by shredding old newspapers into small pieces. TAP comes from:

  • Thermal – TAP® Insulation has the Energy Star seal of approval, as its thermal quality prevents air from escaping your home through the air pockets formed in the newspaper fibers.
  • Acoustical – The air pockets that provide thermal regulation also reduce the level of sound that resonates through your ceiling. TAP® Insulation prevents noise from coming in or escaping. 
  • Pest Control – During the creation process, a borate mixture is combined with the newspaper fibers for pest control purposes. When an insect crawls through the insulation, the borate will adhere to the outside of the insect. When it cleans itself later, it will ingest the borate, which is toxic to the insect. 

Benefits of Pest Control Insulation

In addition to its thermal, acoustical, and pest control benefits, this insulation is also:

  1. Safe and Non-Toxic: Newspaper fibers and borate are non-toxic to humans, making it a safer option for homes with pets, children, and sensitive individuals.
  2. Eco-Friendly: This treated insulation is environmentally friendly. It will break down naturally and not contribute to the contamination of water, soil, or air. 
  3. Long-Lasting Protection: Treated insulation lasts several years and will provide protection for this duration. 
  4. Pest-Prevention: Both current and future pest infestations will be managed.
  5. Financial Savings: With only a one-time installation, the insulation is a recurring pesticide in your home. The updated insulation will also keep heating and cooling costs as efficient as possible. 

Professional Installation

At Magic Exterminating, we have certified TAP® Insulation installers to provide this service in your home. Since it is a pest control measure, the insulation is required to be applied by a licensed professional. The expert team at Magic Exterminating has over 62 years of experience in residential and commercial pest control services. No matter the size of the property or the scope of the problem, there is one thing you can count on from Magic Extermination, and that is customer satisfaction! Give us a call or fill out the form online!

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