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As the vibrant energy of summer begins to wane and the residents of Flushing NY prepare for the transition into fall, there’s a less welcome phenomenon that often accompanies this change – the surge in late summer pest invasions. While we’re busy packing in last-minute summer activities, the warm temperatures and increased outdoor activities create an ideal environment for pests to breed, forage for food, and establish their nests.  

Which Summer Pests to Look Out For 

Late summer in New York sees an increase in humidity, creating ideal conditions for pests such as: 

  • Mosquitoes: Impossible to avoid, by late summer mosquito swarms are well established, having taken advantage of any standing or stagnant water on or near your property. Not only do their bites cause itchy welts, but they also notoriously spread diseases like malaria which the US sees about 2000 cases of each year. 
  • Flies: During the humid warmth of late summer, both house flies and fruit flies are thriving. Your property can become a hub for these pests due to flower and vegetable gardens, fruit-bearing trees, and improperly sealed food waste in garbage bins. 
  • Bees, Wasps & Hornets: Well known for their affinity for sweet fragrances, the late summer scents of garden blooms, fallen fruit, and garbage bins can easily lead these stinging pests to your home. By late summer their populations have grown in numbers, increasing the likelihood of an encounter as they search out new food sources and nesting locations. 
  • Cockroaches: The warm, humid weather of late summer in New York is ideal for these pests as they increase in numbers and invade your home in search of new food sources like food left on countertops or unsealed garbage bins.  
  • Spiders: Certain species, like the giant house spider, are most active in late summer as they seek out mates for fall. Finding respite in the milder temperatures of your home, you can easily find yourself unwittingly sharing space with these 8-legged invaders.  
  • Rodents: Constantly on the lookout for fresh nesting spots, you may be unknowingly inviting them in. Doors left ajar, damaged screens, openings in the roof or along the foundation, and gaps within door frames all serve as effortless entry points for mice and rats. 
  • Nuisance Wildlife: Same with rodents, opportunistic wildlife like squirrels or raccoons will be looking to take up residency in your home in search of a safe place to nest and have babies. 

Year-Round Pest Control You Can Rely On 

At Magic Exterminating we know a thing or two about pests. Locally owned and operated since 1960, our expertly trained professionals pride themselves on bringing decades of experience to every job they do. With effective and environmentally sound practices, you can rest easy knowing your pets and children will be safe while also keeping your property pest free year-round. For comprehensive service you can trust, don’t hesitate to call today! 

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