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Highly populated areas, such as New York City, are notorious for their vulnerability to rodent infestations. While this is common knowledge for most residents, it might come as a surprise that rats and mice aren’t confined to just buildings and sewer systems. They will also nest underground in your landscaping. This can be disastrous to your landscaping, which is why, especially if you’ve invested significant time and money into it, rodent landscaping exclusion services are a wise investment.

To safeguard your outdoor haven from this threat, turn to Magic Exterminating. We offer state-of-the-art rodent landscaping exclusion services. Call us today to schedule an inspection with a rodent control expert and save your yard!

How Does Rodent Nesting Affect Landscaping?

Burrowing is part of rodents’ nature. They have a biological drive to find comfortable shelter where they can safely nest and breed. Often this means trying to gain access to your building, but if they’re unable to get inside, they will gladly burrow underneath your property.

Once they begin burrowing, rodent tunnels can quickly spread to cover a lot of ground. Under gardens, trees, bushes, mulch, and grass – nowhere is safe. If they establish themselves under your property and start to breed, they might even decide they need additional space and redouble efforts to get inside your building.

But that’s not all: when rodents outgrow your landscaping, they may even try to get inside your car.

How to Protect Your Property with Rodent-Proof Netting

You’ve put in hard work to make sure your exterior landscape exudes quality and professionalism – don’t let rodents ruin it for you! Magic Exterminating has partnered with Xcluder to provide rodent-proof netting that prevents rats, mice, and squirrels from tearing up your landscaping. 

The advanced closed wire-mesh system uses tightly woven metal fibers to completely block rodent burrowing activity, something that open-mesh systems can’t do. Best of all, this anti-rodent netting is cut to fit any size or shape, so every solution is custom. 

For best results, we suggest installing this system during the landscaping process, especially before putting down any sod. We have successfully implemented rodent-proof wire mesh netting for residences and businesses across New York including:

How Do You Install Xcluder Rodent-Proof Wire Mesh Netting?

Magic Exterminating’s rodent removal technicians will install your new rodent-proof mesh netting by following these steps:

  • We begin with a thorough property inspection covering the facilities and surrounding grounds to fully realize the extent of the infestation.
  • Based on the findings of our experts, we recommend the best course of treatment and exclusion for you. We work with you and your budget to determine the most effective rodent exclusion solutions for your property.
  • We identify the best mesh installation points and set the whole thing up for you. 

Magic Exterminating is committed to sustainable rodent control. Using Integrated Pest Management principles, and with over six decades of experience, we provide the most effective and sustainable rodent control services in New York City and Long Island.

Expert Rodent Exclusion for Commercial Landscaping

At Magic Exterminating, we do more than just provide a pest control service. We treat every aspect of your commercial property to come up with a full-spectrum pest prevention plan. Taking action early to prevent rodents on your commercial property is essential for business owners with long-term growth and sustainability in their plans. 

Reach out today with any questions or to get started!

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