Large metropolitan areas are well-known for their susceptibility to pest infestations, but New York City’s rodent problem is easily the most infamous example. Rodents don’t only nest in buildings and sewage systems, they will also nest underground, within your landscape. If you allow ground squirrels, mice, and rats to burrow and breed in your landscaping, they can ruin it within months.

To combat this, Magic Exterminating in Flushing NY offers anti-rodent wire mesh installation. This product is engineered to allow your landscape to flourish while protecting your plants and trees from rodents. Read on to learn how!

How Rodent Nesting Affects Landscaping

Burrowing is in rodents’ nature. They will go to any length to find a safe and comfortable place to nest and breed. This could mean getting inside your building, but it often means burrowing underneath your property.

These burrowed tunnels can quickly spread to cover a lot of ground if rodents are able to breed. Rodents will tunnel under gardens, trees, bushes, mulch, and grass. If they establish themselves under the entirety of your property, they might even start looking for ways inside your building for additional space. No one wants rats in the yard or parking lot, but you surely don’t want them inside your business.

Protecting Your Property with Rodent-Proof Wire Mesh

Magic Exterminating has partnered with Xcluder to install a rodent-proof wire mesh system to prevent rats, mice, and squirrels from tearing up your landscaping. Xcluder’s product uses closely woven metal fibers to completely prevent rodent burrowing, something that open-mesh systems can’t do. This wire mesh can be cut to fit any size or shape. We recommend that you install this product during the landscaping process, before placing any sod or plants, for best results. We recommend this product for:

  • Shopping centers
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Universities and schools
  • Large industrial campuses
  • Multi-family housing, and any other commercial space with beautiful landscaping!

You’ve put in hard work to make sure your exterior landscape exudes quality and professionalism–don’t let rodents ruin it for you!

Installing Xcluder Rodent-Proof Wire Mesh

Here’s how our Magic Exterminating technicians will install your new rodent-proof mesh:

  • We’ll perform a thorough property inspection covering the facilities and surrounding grounds.
  • We’ll recommend specific rodent exclusion services based on the findings of our experts.
  • We’ll examine the exterior landscaping to identify the best mesh installation points. 
  • We’ll work with you and your budget to determine the most effective rodent exclusion solutions for your commercial property.

Magic Exterminating is committed to sustainable pest control. Using Integrated Pest Management principles, and with over six decades of experience, we provide the most effective and sustainable rodent control services in New York City and Long Island.

Expert Rodent Exclusion for Commercial Landscaping

At Magic Exterminating, we do more than just provide a pest control service. We treat every aspect of your commercial property to come up with a full-spectrum pest prevention plan. An important part of this for many local businesses is installing rodent-proof wire mesh. Taking action early to prevent rodents on your commercial property is essential for business owners with long-term growth and sustainability in their plans. Reach out today with any questions or to get started!

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