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Exploring natural remedies for termite infestations? You’ve likely come across orange oil as a possible solution. This essential oil is often used in DIY housekeeping, from cleaners to pest control—in fact, some high-quality products are even used in cooking! But, can orange oil get rid of termites and keep them from coming back? Here, we’ll delve into how effective orange oil actually is against termites and other pests. 

What is in Orange Oil?

Orange oil is an essential oil made using orange peels. The substance contains a variety of potent compounds such as D-limonene and Sabinene, which are known for deterring all sorts of pests. Unlike synthetic pest control products, this biodegradable solution is considered minimally dangerous to humans and pets, making it an eco-friendly choice for pest management. 

Can Orange Oil Get Rid of Termites?

When certain termite species come into contact with orange oil, the powerful D-limonene dissolves their eggs and exoskeletons. Beyond its lethal effects, the oil’s pleasant aroma makes it suitable for indoor application. Additionally, its residue acts as a deterrent, which could keep termites from entering your property in the future. 

While it can be an effective way to deter termites, it’s crucial to be aware of some warnings before using orange oil:

  • Possible irritation: Like most essential oils, orange oil can cause skin or lung irritation over time. While it is a natural compound, it’s still extremely potent and could be damaging to your health with prolonged exposure. 
  • Species limitations: Orange oil is most potent against drywood termites, carpenter ants, and some wood-boring beetles. It may not impact subterranean termites or pests burrowing into wet wood.
  • Effectiveness against infestations: Direct contact is key. Without knowing the insects’ location, orange oil alone might not do much to get rid of an entire colony—especially if the colony is hiding in hard-to-reach areas. 
  • Flammability: Orange oil is a highly flammable substance, especially when rubbed on wooden items as a way to get rid of termites. Never apply it near an open flame, and keep candles away from any areas where the oil has been applied. 

While orange oil can be a helpful addition to your pest control routine, professional services are always the safest and most effective way to keep termites away. Trained experts have a wealth of knowledge that allows them to create targeted, long-term solutions that are designed to fit your unique needs. 

Get Rid of Termites Naturally

Ensuring your health and safety during termite infestation control is challenging, but Magic Exterminating is here to help. With 62 years of experience, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of termite control services in Flushing NY. Our certified team is committed to environmental responsibility and uses Integrated Pest Management techniques that help get rid of termites naturally.

Have termites or want to stay termite-free? Reach out to our team today and explore our eco-friendly pest control options!

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