yellowjacket on fence post outside home in Flushing neighborhood

Customer Profile

Name: Mr. Z
City: Manhasset, NY


A customer called complaining of a yellow jacket nest above the back door. They indicated that their young daughter was allergic to stinging insects.


Upon arrival at the location, our inspector was led to the back of the property. The nest above the rear door was identified as a bald faced hornet’s nest. Magic always attempts to perform a complete inspection of the property. Expert eyes often uncover structural or sanitation issues that may be causing the infestation or prevent future infestations. The additional inspection of the exterior of the property found another bald face hornet nest in a tree near a wooden play set and a yellow jacket under the siding of the garage.

Technical situation

Bald face hornets and yellow jackets are highly aggressive. Their sting can cause serious problems for anyone allergic. Since the nest locations were at the entrance to the home and near the garage door treatment is required.


Most stinging insects are dependent upon a queen. The hives must first be treated to eliminate the queen and where possible remove the hive. Insects returning to the hive may sometimes attempt to rebuild the hive but will perish within a few days.


All insects have their place in nature. Bees and wasps are especially helpful since they pollinate a large number of trees & plants that supply us with food. Unfortunately, bee and wasp stings can kill and their hives can damage our homes. In this case, the proximity of the stinging insects to the home, play set, and garage entrance indicated treatment. The residents of the house can now occupy the house and enjoy the yard without fear of being stung and injured.

Ralph H Maestre BCE
Technical Director

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