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People around New York City and Long Island know more about mouse and rat infestations than most. You find some droppings or a patch of mystery urine near your attic or in the backs of your cupboards, and you don’t need us to tell you what’s going on. Rodent infestations in our part of the East Coast come in a few different varieties, and Magic Exterminating we have decades of experience in controlling and removing all of them. But we can’t do everything. If mice or rats get into insulated areas of your home, we cannot undo the damage they may cause there. You’ll find that even those that specialize in home services like that can’t fix damaged insulation.

What attracts rodents to insulation to begin with, you may ask? And what can Magic Exterminating do to help homes and businesses in the area? Let’s go into both of that below.

Why Are There Mice in My Insulation?

Pests are not entirely unlike human beings, or really any other living being on the planet. They strive to find a food source to survive on and shelter to rest in while staying relatively undisturbed. Your home, if they can get in, offers a very convenient source of all of that: peace, shelter and food. And the best places to nest in are your wall voids and attic, both areas kept insulated to regulate the temperature throughout the seasons.

Fiberglass insulation is the most common choice amongst homeowners in NYC and Long Island because it’s affordable and fairly easy to get installed. At the same time, this kind of batting is the most appealing for rodents and other pests. Rats and mice enjoy tunneling through the material in order to get from place to place. They make their nests in fiberglass batting and even eat it if the food supply runs scarce. Rodents make more out of your insulation than a nice bed and a tasty meal – they also use it as a bathroom. So even after we remove the colony of rats or mice from your home, if they nested in your insulation, you still very much have a rodent problem.

So What Can You Do?

We don’t suggest removing insulation on your own. This goes even more so to insulation that may contain rodent droppings, which commonly are infected with Hantavirus, a flu-like disease that’s potentially fatal. If you handle these pellets improperly you could release infected particles into the air. That’s why we always advise you leave contaminated insulation repair to home service experts that know how to handle it safely.

When it comes to replacing your insulation after a rat or mouse infestation, there is no material on the market today that’s completely rodent-repellent. Some pest control companies offer borate-infused insulation, though it’s only in quantities pungent enough to kill insects as big as a roach or large slug. The only, nearly 100%-effective way to protect your insulation from rodents is to keep rodents out of your house entirely.

And, luckily, this is something Magic Exterminating can help with.

Wildlife Exclusion Though Magic Exterminating

You can remove rats and mice from a home or business over and over again – indefinitely, even – and still wind up with a new infestation. This happens when companies don’t find the entry points that rodents are using to get inside a property. If your home has gaps, holes and cracks, rodents and other pests can easily use these vulnerabilities to their advantage. When an exterminating expert like the ones at Magic inspect your home, they’ll find each of these structural faults and get rid of them. That’s only one part of our four-step process to keep you rodent-free. When we’re done you can worry less about your insulation, as well as the state of your home altogether.

Magic Exterminating offers security, no matter the season and no matter the deterrent. To learn more, contact us today!

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